Time Out for Miniatures

A miniature scene that needs to be refurbished... a break from all those horses.
First, new wall paper.

It's becoming a "herd" of horses

Here are my two new arrivals.... One I will mount rearing up...

Just Horsin Around

After completing the carousel horse for my sister, I knew I needed to make more. Requests came piling in. While traveling, I found another horse and the journey began. Since then, I've completed one more and am working on two others...
Here's my completed horse (photographed in some of the stages of creation)Notice the reins are made from pop can tabs...

Carousel Wonder Horse

As a surprise for my sister I transformed a rocking horse from (the 60's) in to a carousel horse. Of course it had to look like her black Morgan mare Princess. Her blog site is called WW Creations (WWcreations.blogspot.com) as is her mini ranch in Oregon. WW stands for Weenie Wanch after the Doxies that she and hubby love.

It took hours to complete this project and needless to say, she was thrilled to receive it and acknowledge the time and craftmanship involved. I must admit it was fun to create.

Fast forward and I'm now working on a couple more. I've included pictures of my latest acquisition.....

New Bird Houses

Betcha will never guess what my favorite all time cowboy movie is?


My step daughter wanted to decorate my Grandson's room with artwork depicting his ancestor's heritage. Aaron's grandmother on his father's side is a full Yaqui Indian. I volunteered to research and then create some faux artifacts for his room.

The dream catchers will catch his bad dreams and they will disappear in the sunlight. The map will lead him to the tribe's home. The Dancing Mask will remind him of ceremonial dances.

The map is on leather that I aged by burning the edges and I mounted it on a board that I "crackled" using dark brown and fawn on top. It is my interpretation of a map of the original Yaqui territory of about 1700 to 1800.

The Dream Catcher's are hand woven.

The Dancing Mask is painted and features real horse hair as an embellishment.
(No horse was harmed - my sisters horse's tail was too curly so we had to find one that was having a bad hair day....)